I’ve been enamored with reserve feats since I first saw them.  Unfortunately, I find that reserve feats are (for the most part) not really powerful enough, or situationally useful enough to warrant the use of a character’s extremely limited feat selections.  Obviously there are exceptions, Minor Shapeshift being the most obvious.

But, in general, I wanted more.  I didn’t necessarily want for the feats to be more powerful, or to be more useful than the litany of spells available to an arcane caster in 3.5.  What I wanted was to make reserve feats feel like a viable choice for a low level caster and still be a useful and effective choice when that character reached a higher level.

To that end, I wrote up a ten level prestige class that gives an arcane caster not only more uses for her reserve feats, but also has some interesting and potentially powerful powers that are fueled by either prepared spells or spell slots.  The Reservoir Mage might be a tad on the powerful side, but I tried to cut down on that with a daily limit for the mid-way and capstone powers and forcing a caster to decide between casting a spell and using a class ability.  Of course, playtesting may prove that using a 3rd level slot to empower the fiery burst feat is significantly less effective than casting a fireball, but the metamagic aspect is one small part of what the Reservoir Mage gets to do.

I did leave out  a lot of the “fluffy” bits of the prestige class since, for the time being, I’m most concerned with the mechanical aspects of both the Fluidity Project and any other diversions I might find along the way.