It has just come to my attention that the web-enchancement for Eclipse: the Codex Persona contains rules for running Eclipse without levels. Since I haven’t had the chance to experience Eclipse in a real game setting, I can’t offer more comment other than I like what I see.  I particularly like this part:

Eliminate Intelligence Modifier based bonus skill points.
Give each character (Intelligence) skill points as a base
and add their (Int Mod) to each skill they invest at least
1 SP in. If a skill is based on Intelligence, add the
Intelligence Modifier twice. Characters will have higher
skill bases, but are unlikely to increase them much.
Many minor skills, such as Forgery, Craft, Profession,
and the more unusual Knowledges are likely to see
more use, since a point or two can give a high-
intelligence character a substantial bonus to such rolls.

As I’ve said before, the power-creep and over-specialization are definite concerns with a level-less system. This new system for Eclipse seems to tie most of the character features to attributes which serves as a defacto power cap. An interesting and elegant solution.

Regarding levels, I also particularly like allowing a magic user to use his or her effective caster level as character level when resisting magical effects. This allows a player to model the frail old man who has powerful magical powers, but very few (or very small) hit points.

The Eclipse: the Codex Persona web-enhancement is most certainly worth a look if Eclipse is up your alley.