…but it’s nice.

Fluidity Project is a class-less, level-less, point buy system designed to port D&D 3.x wholesale, while adding new feat based magic options. That much is obvious. But, Fluidity Project grew out of my desire to graft a better magic system onto Iron Heroes. And, I love Iron Heroes because it adds a level of visceral grittiness to the bog-standard (and cliched) fantasy tropes of core D&D.

And yet, Iron Heroes (like all d20 games) starts to get a little ridiculous in the mid-levels. May I present E6, the solution to mid and high level wonkiness. At first, I was sceptical. I mean, c’mon, only six levels and then we can’t buy anything but feats? That’s nuts. But I though it might work and I was willing to give it a try. Then I read this article by Justin Alexander.

The lynchpin of the whole article is the Knowledge and Crafting section. That’s where this crazy E6 thing clicked for me. If the whole world is populated by level 1 to level 5 NPCs with a sprinkling of higher level guys, those level 6 PCs that just hit the E6 cap are going to be legendary heroes. Or better.

Of course, characters in E6 are gritty for a whole different reason than characters in Iron Heroes. And, E6 has the potential to strip any sort of mythic heroism out of your fantasy game which might make players understandably wary. But then, plenty of people consider levels 3 to 7 to be the sweet spot of 3.x.

So, if you don’t mind classes and levels and you want a higher quotient of realism and grit in your games, read the essay and then check out E6. Then make your way back here and let Fluidity Project take care of all of your feat-based magic needs.