Scenes four and five are now up in the actual play section.

A quick note on the interaction between Sen and Cyese in scene four:
Going into the scene, I had intended to have a much more meaningful interaction between Sen, Hoda and Cyese, but in keeping with the goals of the project, I left a lot of the decision making about the conversation to Mythic. So, realizing that Sen was surprised by Cyese’s presence and that he was already stressed about the way the night had gone, I asked if Sen would lie to Cyese and Hoda. And, Mythic gave me an exceptional success.

Now, Sen is a decent liar, but not a great one and yet he managed to pull off a bluff check (15 vs. 14 & 12). This is where Cyese decides to cut his losses and just ends the conversation. I think clearly Cyese suspects that Sen is hiding something although he doesn’t realize the extent. Hoda knows that Sen is hiding something, since he and Sen have spoken about trancing before. I don’t think it’s a question that Hoda will fill Cyese in completely (if he hasn’t done so already).

What I think this does is set Sen up for a bit of a surprise if and when he arrives at Salmera University and Cyese already has a good idea about his capabilities. Although, with Mythic, nothing is set in stone, the story could take a wild turn between now and then.