Scene six, seven, eight and nine have been posted, but I couldn’t allow scene seven to stand without further comment.

I was completely at a loss going into the scene in Courqan’s office. For the first time in this process, I knew exactly where the next scene was going to take place and what was going to happen in it, so I didn’t exactly need Mythic for anything. And yet, I wanted to involve it somehow, so I started asking questions and along the way it got a little complicated. Although this is one of the reasons that there’s no exposition about the scene inside of Courqan’s office, hopefully the explanation below will give some insight into the greater plot and also how I’m using Mythic.

First, I checked for an altered scene and received a negative response. Then I asked if Courqan was going to punish the boys and Mythic responded in the positive and tossed a random event at me.

The random event was NPC Action (Attainment & Pleasures). To me this meant that Courqan would force the two boys to go on an unpaid job, but I needed more information, which meant more questions. Next I asked if the pleasures Courqan was seeking were illegal. Mythic said yes. Then I asked if the illegal pleasures were drugs. Mythic said strongly no but popped up another random event.

The second random event (which I took to be just more color on the existing scene) was NPC Action (Create & Friendship). Because of the previously established details, I took this to mean that Courqan was looking for a prostitute, but to make sure it was illegal and also unsavory, I decided that the prostitute should be a very young child.

This I felt would be completely unacceptable to Sen and I asked if he would quit on the spot as soon as Courqan explained himself. Mythic said yes. I also wondered if Goran would follow suit since I was hoping that he’d have some sort of moral compass. Mythic said no.

So now I had Sen quitting and storming off and Goran staying in the office. I had just a few things that I needed to know. I asked if Courqan would seek vengeance on Sen immediately. Mythic said yes. Then I asked if Courqan would exact his vengeance using Goran. And, of course, Mythic said yes.

This is where we joined the story. With Goran being manipulated into chasing after Sen with no clear orders. I suppose I could have explored the scene inside the office, but on some level I think I like the abruptness of the scene transition. I’m also a little unsure about exactly how evil and cruel I want to paint Courqan in the narrative at this time. There’s no doubt about who and what he is after this behind the scenes look. Rest assured that if I was actually going through this playtest with other players, we would have roleplayed the scene in full, but here I think wasn’t really as necessary.