Starting Characters

Uncle Hoda
(Thumwan Pakde Hodyscyus)

Uncle Hoda is not native to the city. Some say he comes from one of the nomad tribes found north and east of the city. Some say he’s an island barbarian from the archipelago north of the empire. But because he’s been in residence for so long and speaks without accent, no one knows for sure.

Uncle Hoda is a short, round man with balding hair and long, think whiskers. He dresses, quite frankly, like a gypsy. He’s fond of quilted patterns, beads and waistcoats. Uncle Hoda is extremely gregarious and regardless of where he actually comes from, he is very well liked by those who know him.

Uncle Hoda is an alchemist and a herbalist as well as a merchant with a small curio shop along the South Canal, Saint Vevryn’s Canton. He belongs to the Merchant Guild and serves as a representative when the Guild convenes. He also is a Member of the Ward Council representing the South Canal Ward.

In addition to his business interests and political interests, Uncle Hoda serves as an agent for the University of Salmera. His job is to recruit potential students and serve the Universities interests in the larger community. In this capacity, he has developed a close friendship with Cyese the Silent, an instructor and fellow agent at the University.

Sair Courqan
(Courqan d’Gaede)

Sair Courqan d’Gaede is the capodecina of minor criminal organization in Saint Vevryn’s Canton. His organization is responsible for a lot of petty theft and movement of stolen goods throughout Saint Vevryn’s and the neighboring cantons. He operates a series of legitimate canal and river -side warehouses and has a controlling stake in several large apartment blocks. Because of his legitimate business presence and his stature as a landlord, Sair Courqan has been elected to the Ward Council as a representative for Maganize Ward, Saint Vevryn’s Canton.

Sair Courqan is a short-tempered, somewhat petty man. He possesses non-descript, somewhat pedestrian features and compensates through tailored clothes of a rather ostentatious bent. He also wants desperately to climb above the station of his birth and has begun to fancy himself as something of a minor noble since his election to the Ward Council. To that end, he has started wearing a small sword openly and quite illegally hoping that it will lend his desires some legitimately.

Goran Falcroft

Goran Falcroft is Aylia’s older brother and one of Sen’s oldest friends. He occupies one of the lowest rungs in Sair Courqan’s organization, but he fully intends to climb higher. He’s been the driving force for Sen’s recent involvement with the street gang, just as he’s been the driving force for keeping Aylia away from the gang despite her insistence. He’s very protective of his sister and although other people in Sen’s life might disagree, he believes he has Sen’s best interests in mind.

Goran is taller, stronger and more streetwise than Sen. He’s also certainly smarter than he looks. However, he’s rash and has a bit of a temper. He also has a tendency to get tunnel vision when he sets his mind to something, and develops quite the bull-headed streak.

Further Cast in Order of Appearance

Ayrn Karyos

Aryn Karyos is Sair Courqan’s lieutenant. He’s been working for Courqan in a variety of capacities for almost a decade. He started as a thief, like most of Courqan’s recruits do, but proved himself quite adept at handling some of the more physical tasks that someone in Courqan’s line of work might require. Aryn is also a calming influence and has a knack for keeping Courqan’s head on his shoulders, something that has become invaluable as Courqan has attempted to climb the social ladder.

Aryn Karyos is from the imperial mainland. He’s tall and muscular with dark, tanned skin and a broad serious face. He keeps his hair shaved and favors understated and functional clothing. He is adept at physical combat, both unarmed and with common street weapons.

Jules Grasçon

Jules Grasçon is Goran’s lover and a barmaid at the Wayward Son. She’s a native of Saint Vevryn’s canton, but has known Goran only a short time. She’s extremely pretty and quite friendly with all of her patrons. As her relationship in Goran began, all of their peers assumed that it was just her way of getting more money out of a regular, but it has, by all appearances, blossomed into young love.

Cyese d’Sutieque
Cyese d’Sutieque, also known as Cyese the Silent, is an interesting character with conflicting loyalties. He is, first and foremost an advocate for House Tyrurdenn, one of the most significant noble houses in the Great City. His position in the higher social circles and his law practice have afforded him quite the comfortable adult life although he comes from quite modest beginnings.

In addition to his social standing and lucrative position, he is an Adept of the Third Circle, a fraternal organization for those who practice the arts of Theurgical Magic. Cyese is also an instructor at Salmera University, teaching formal classes in law and theugy as well as informal classes in fencing.

Sargent Kal Arlisson
Sargent Arlisson is an officer in the Ward Guard, Saint Vevryn’s Canton. He has recently developed an interest in the illegal activities undertaken by Sair Courqan, and has been using the resources granted by his office to gather enough information to hopefully arrest Courqan and make charges stick.