Threads for the Mystic Gamemaster Emulator

1) [CLOSED]Meet with Cyese (Sen) – Uncle Hoda has asked Sen to have a meet and greet with an agent from Salmera University, Cyese the Silent. Sen has been putting the meeting off.[CLOSED]

2) [CLOSED] Bring jewels back to Courqan (Sen/Goran) – Sen and Goran have done an unauthorized second-story job and are bringing some expensive looking jewels back to the lower city to sell though Sair Courqan. [CLOSED]

3) [CLOSED] Quit the Gang (Sen) – Father Balon has become increasingly insistent that Sen quit the gang and actually do something with himself. Sen has begun to consider his suggestions seriously. [CLOSED]

4) [CLOSED] Meet with Sair Courqan (Sen/Goran) – Sen and Goran have fallen afoul of Courqan after their little trip to the Upper City. Courqan has demanded that they meet him in his office at dawn. [CLOSED]

5) Visit Salmera University (Sen) – Sen has been told that Salmera University is potentially interested in having him attend. Uncle Hoda’s associate Cyese the Silent has personally offered Sen the opportunity to visit the university.

6) Avoid the Attention of the Law (Sen/Aylia) – Sen has been warned by Sargent Kal Arlisson that he is being watched and continued association with Sair Courqan might not be the safest course of action. Sen is still undecided, about leaving the gang, but this is one more reason to decide quickly.

7) Move out of the Orphanage and into Uncle Hoda’s Place (Sen) – The visit from Kal Arlisson and Sen’s defection from Sair Courqan’s organization have made both Sen and Uncle Hoda rightfully wary. To help keep Sen safe and keep Father Balon away from as much drama as possible, Uncle Hoda has suggested that Sen move into his shop.

8) Escape Courqan’s Vengeance (Sen) – The parting with Sair Courqan did not go smoothly. Goran Falcroft has turned against Sen and has assaulted him at Courqan’s request. Sen has every reason to believe that his altercation with Goran was only the first of many attacks Courqan will send his way.