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With Game Chef 2010 rapidly approaching, I thought I might share a story about Little Game Chef 2010.

After I missed last year’s Little Game Chef, I had every intention of entering this year. Unfortunately, the timing of the contest happened to coincide with my vacation. So, I suspected that not only would I be unable to finish an entry on time, but I wouldn’t be able to submit my entry since I would be out of town. However, regardless of my lack of ability to enter the contest, I tried my damnedest to slap together a game with the intention of posting it here with the relevant links to the contest. As you may have suspected, things didn’t quite go as planned.

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Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, my entries for Game Design Challenges don’t make it to Game Career Guide. What follows is a trio of entries that for various reasons were never submitted. The game designs are raw and largely unfinished, but are being recorded for the purposes of posterity

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Last week’s game design challenge at Game Career Guide was to create a “race to the end”-style board game to be played online by 11 to 15 year old English speakers in America. My entry The Great Steeplejack Chase (sort of a cross between Donkey Kong and Chutes & Ladders) received an honorable mention.

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Last week, Game Career Guide‘s game design challenge was to design a game based on insomnia. My entry, titled Counting Sheep, was recognized as one of the best entries on the contest. In retrospect, my choice of name might have been a poor one. But, I’m glad that the GCG editors who were managing the challenge were able to look past the (admittedly) silly name and see the merit of my game.

With the challenge’s 500 word limit, some of the things that I wished I had more time to discuss in my design document were the different (and completely unexpected) strategies that evolved during playtesting and the different design choices I had made.

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It’s old news at this point, and it’s not an RPG, but I thought it might be worth mentioning that way back at the beginning of October I received an honorable mention in Game Career Guide‘s Game Design Challenge: No Jumping.

The other entries were pretty cool, but I was really shocked that some of the designs discussed in the forum for this challenge didn’t even warrant a mention. Which makes me wonder if they were even submitted, since I thought some of them were really good.